A Day In The Life

The sun is up, it’s a new day. The question is….what will today hold? A day with children, especially during the summer, can be complete chaos. You never truly know what can happen. As a parent you learn to be flexible. You learn to go with the flow. This is good to an extent because you do have to be flexible, but at the same time it is best to keep the kids to a schedule. It helps the chaos. Even during the summer having a schedule helps. Even if your summer schedule is that you go to the pool three days a week for a certain amount of time, at least it is still a schedule!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fun. But, I still keep to a general schedule. This helps by keeping the kids in a routine so that they still get naps and meals at the same time. Which in turn makes for happier children.

All you want is for you children to be happy, right? Keep their routine and that will help them be happier!

Here’s to happy children!

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