Rules In The Home

Rules. Every family has to have them. Some parents are more strict than others. Some children do not seem to have any rules. But there are always some type of rules in a home. I have been considering coming up with some set rules and posting them somewhere in the house as a visual reminder for when they are “forgotten”.

I have an 8-year old step son. For the most part he is a good kid. I feel for him because he has many different sets of rules. At his mom’s he has one set of rules, at his grandparents he has another set of rules, and when he’s with us he has a different set of rules. I’m sure it can get confusing for him sometimes.

However, it is important to have rules so that children learn what life will be like when they get out into “the real world”. Now I’m not saying create a long list of rules that make it almost impossible to live by. That would be terrible for you and your children. Just a few simple rules so that they know what they can and cannot do in the home.

For instance, these are some of the rules we have in our home:

  1. No running.
  2. No jumping on the furniture.
  3. No throwing balls in the house.

Depending on the age of your child(ren), you can make an easy set of rules as well. If you want help writing your rules or making sure your rules are age appropriate feel free to contact me. I don’t mind helping at all!

I like to keep rules short and simple because they are easier to remember. If you have long drawn out rules they will be harder to remember and abide by. Remind your children that you love them and the rules are there to help them. Following the rules is something they will have to do the rest of their lives, whether it’s in school or at work, you are just helping prepare them for life. You need to remember that as well when you want to give in because you made them mad. Just remember, this will help them with life.

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