Day to Day Life

If  you know a family that has a child with special needs, you know that they are super busy. Sometimes you wonder why they do so many different therapies. The answer is simple. They want their child to have the same opportunities that every other child has. There is no promise that a child with special needs will ever be able to completely “catch up” to other children. It depends on their disability or needs. Some children are just delayed and need extra help for a little while. Whereas other children will need extra help for their entire lives. But back to the question of why so many therapies. If a child is delayed, chances are they are delayed in multiple areas. That means that they will end up having many different therapies. Occupational Therapy. Speech Therapy. Physical Therapy. Early Intervention. And so on. These different therapies will help them make progress and hopefully fill in the gaps of those delays. All of this to say, please be kind to families who have children with special needs. They are tired. They have to be in many different places each day. It can be very hard to have a social life when you have children with special needs because they take up so much time. So please be understanding when they don’t want to do something at night or they don’t come to your cookout on the weekends. They are doing the best they can and sometimes they just need to be reminded that they are good parents.

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