About Me

Hello all! I’m glad that you have found my blog and I hope that it will help and inspire you!

I am married to an amazing and crazy man. He works for our local sheriffs office as a detective. He used to be a “road cop”. He has spent his whole life as a police officer. We married in November and in January he moved to the detective department. It has been a nice change for our family.

As for me, I have been working with children since I was still a child myself. I started out by babysitting and teaching groups of young children. I went on to get my B.S. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. I worked in a preschool teaching children for 3 years and then I decided that I really wanted to get my Master’s in Special Education. So that is what I did. I started working on my Master’s and within a year I had finished my Master’s Degree. I have been working with kids who have special needs for almost a year now. I work with them and their families to give them support and ideas how to make life a little easier.

I have always wanted to help families understand their children better, so I decided to start blogging about children and how to help them as they are growing up. I also have a blog reviewing books. I love reading and have decided that I would like to review them in hopes that it will help someone else choose a book to read. If you ever have any comments or questions for me feel free to send me a message! I hope you enjoy!

Here is a link to both blogs: